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A seies of "one-off" plays for BBC1 .
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Alive and Kicking - Director 1991

Sue: I am higher than the man in front of me because he is merely a writer.

Al: She is taller than me because I am a writer. But I sit above him because I am a writer and he is merely a director.

Robert: I sit beneath him because he is a writer and I am merely the director. But then I ask the question who gets paid the most!

Sue and Al Hunter Ashton with Robert on the set.

Plot: Stevie "Smudger" Smith (Lenny Henry) and his wife Marie (Annable Apsion) are both addicted to drugs; he's also a dealer. The day he 'deals with' another dealer, she gives birth to a baby.

One Way Out - Director 1989

Plot: James Carlisle (Bob Peck) is a successful architect who sees his children every weekend following his divorce from Lyn (Leslie Nightingale). When Lyn falls in love with the unstable Bernard (Denis Lawson), James is forced to take drastic action.

Samantha Bond holds Kate...

Bob Peck, Mick Ford (writer) and Robert
Samantha bond and Kate
Blore M.P. - Director 1989  
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